Coinbase Card Review

Coinbase Card Review: Things You Need to Know

The surging popularity of cryptocurrencies since its introduction in 2009 has seen ups and downs. Criticized by many economists, cryptocurrencies thrived, and it continues to adapt and assimilate itself in the daily lives of people around the world.

The assimilation of cryptocurrency in modern culture made its first step and ventured into the world of stored value cards or to be specific, debit cards. A popular cryptocurrency debit card is the Coinbase card, and crypto investors are using this card for day-to-day transactions.

If you are undecided on what crypto debit card to choose, this review will tell you about the Coinbase Card and the important details that you need to know.

Coinbase Card Overview

Card Type VISA
Wallet Included No
Funding Methods Wire Transfer / Credit Card
Issuance fee £4.95 / 4.95€
ATM or OTC (Over The Counter) Domestic Withdrawal Fees For withdrawals:
£200 / 200€ and below (FREE)
ATM or OTC (Over The Counter) Domestic Withdrawal Fees Above £200 / 200€ 1% of the amount withdrawn
ATM or OTC (Over The Counter)
International Withdrawal Fees *per month
For withdrawals*:
£200 / 200€ and below or currency equivalent (FREE)
ATM or OTC (Over The Counter)
International Withdrawal Fees
*per month
Above £200 / 200€ or currency equivalent
2% of the amount withdrawn
Domestic Purchase Transaction Fee FREE
Intra-EEA Purchase Transaction Fee 0.20% of POS transaction value
International Purchase Transaction Fee 3% of POS transaction value (per transaction)
Card Replacement Fee £4.95 / 4.95€
Chargeback Processing Fee £20 / 20€
Crypto Liquidation Fees 2.49% of Transaction
Spending Limit Daily £10,000
Monthly Purchase £20,000
Yearly Purchase £50,000
Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit £500

Card Features

The Coinbase Card is a VISA-type debit card connected to Coinbase. The card enables you to use cryptocurrency stored in your Coinbase to purchase goods and services.

This debit card supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Cash, Litecoin, and Ripple. The following altcoins are also supported:

0x (ZRX)

Augus (REP)

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Ripple (XRP)

Stellar (XLM)


Zcash (ZEC)

For a more comprehensive list of supported countries and cryptocurrencies, you may visit the official website of Coinbase.

The Coinbase Card requires the following to be satisfied before using:

1. Level 2 Certification in your Coinbase Account

2. A minimum of £5 in any of the following accounts: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash

The card pairs with an app. Through the app, the user can activate the card. The app is a powerful feature because you can track the debits and credits on your card. But, it has no PIN code. Aside from that, it is a contactless card with an instant card freeze feature via the app.

This card is available in the UK. Users can withdraw cash using the card and directly crediting the amount of withdrawal from the card balance.

Transaction Capabilities

The debit card can be used anywhere as long as the system supports VISA payments. However, it can be used anywhere in the world for online and offline payments via Bitcoin Card.

Upon approval of the registration, the user may use the virtual Coinbasecard while the physical card is on its way. But, the physical card will be delivered five to seven days.

A good feature of this card is its on-demand feature. Unlike other cards, the Coinbase Card automatically translates the cryptocurrency to British Pounds at the time of transactions. It is not the typical “top-up” car where users need to load first.

Refunds and Chargebacks

Refunds will automatically add up to the cryptocurrency balance. However, due to the fluctuating exchange rates, users should expect to receive varying amounts.

The translation from fiat currency (GBP) to cryptocurrency will be computed using the transaction price in fiat currency at the prevailing exchange rate.

A fee of £20 will be charged for the chargeback processing fee. The amount refunded will not be based on the original cryptocurrency amount expended but on the fiat currency transaction price.

The Advantages

Coinbase card’s best feature is the on-demand translation feature. Users need not load their debit cards before transacting. The automatic translation of cryptocurrency to fiat currency is a great advantage. It’s less hassle and worry-free.

Since the card can be used instantly, another complimentary feature is the connection of the debit card to the Coinbase crypto wallet. Users can only maintain the card if they want to since their wallet, and the card is connected — no need to keep two items.

The Disadvantages

The significant downturn for the Coinbase card is its long list of fees. In the first section of this article, it is enumerated in tabular form the list of fees that could apply to certain transactions. The card issuance fee is too expensive, coupled with the liquidation fee.

The cryptocurrency liquidation fee is the fee charged for converting your cryptocurrency to fiat currency. Every time the card is used to pay for a transaction, the system charges 2.49 percent of the transaction price.

The cryptocurrency is translated to prevailing rates, and the prices may fluctuate from time to time. Though this is an inherent limitation in the system, it may cause discouragement for users since the translated coins might not represent the expected value of users.

Lastly, the chargeback fee (more like a penalty) is costly. One may think that it would be best not to return the product since the cost of the chargeback is expensive. This fee may discourage consumerism.

Summary and Conclusion

The Coinbase card is a VISA-type card that enables users to directly use it to purchase goods and services without worrying about preloading the card with cash. The feature automatically converts the cryptocurrency to fiat currency (GBP).

However, it has a lot of fees imposed on transactions. Having this card can be convenient, but maintaining it is costly due to liquidation fees and proportional fees for purchases of goods and services.

Thus, the Coinbase card has its perks, but the downside is its costly maintenance due to fees imposed.


But, there are other options out there, and it would be best to expand your horizon first before deciding to buy a cryptocurrency debit card.

It is recommended to look for alternatives that would be best suitable for your needs. If you’re looking for the convenience that the Coinbase card can offer, then this card might be for you.