FuzeX Card Review

Crypto Debit Cards for Beginners: FuzeX Card Review

Combine cryptocurrency, credit, and debit cards, as well as your reward account in one convenient, simple, and secure e-card solution like the FuzeX card and wallet.

This e-card offers an all-in-one solution for all your payments and financial transactions and an overall smarter and more convenient way to pay.

Benefits and Transaction Fees

Card Type Smart Display Card, Plastic Card
Card Options Yes
Fees N/a
Native Token FXT
Availability Europe, APAC region
Supported Fiat Currency USD, EUR
Supported Crypto Currency ETH, BTC
Perks & Bonuses Pre-Sale 25% Bonus, Sale up to 10% Bonus

FuzeX is designed to make online transactions a lot more efficient and convenient. It is a blockchain-based ecosystem that is designed for ease in all exchanges and works like a credit or debit card with its token to serves as the medium to facilitate processes.

The FuzeX card offers you access to real-time exchange rates, which means that you can spend your digital coins anytime and anywhere.

In short, the FuzeX crypto card is equipped with everything you need to leverage the advantages of a cryptocurrency landscape in a world based in fiat currencies. With its agreeing blockchain system, the FuzeX card will enable you to exchange cryptocurrency in real-time, allowing you to spend crypto anytime and anywhere that accepts credit cards for payment options.

What makes this crypto debit card one of the hottest there is, aside from bridging the gap between the crypto world and the fiat-ruled ecosystem, are its underlying features and smart little innovation. The crypto card features a magnetic stripe that allows you to connect 30 other different cards, which you can use to but cryptocurrencies or other stuff. It can even store up to 15 different cryptos with an extra 2FA-security from your FuzeX credentials, ten debit or credit cards, and up to five different reward cards. There’s no need to hold a lot of those physical cards when you can have a solution that gives you access to 30 different cards in one single e-card.

FuzeX Card Fees and Spending Limits

There are three different FuzeX cards you can get, and each of them features different specs and perks.

1. Prestige Card

The Prestige FuzeX card is a Smart Display Card offered on a first-come-first-served basis with only 499 cards available. The card costs 149 USD, including the delivery costs with a lockup of 750,000 FXT tokens. This card has no monthly fee needed and has a spending limit of 20,000 USD and with a 50 USD worth of FXT voucher.

2. Classic Card

The Classic FuzeX card is a Smart Display Card offered on an unlimited number of users. The card costs 149 USD, including the delivery costs with a lockup of 75,000 FXT tokens. This card has no monthly fee needed and has a spending limit of 10,000 USD and with a 20 USD worth of FXT voucher.

3. Lite Card

The Lite FuzeX card is a Plastic Card offered on an unlimited number of users. The card costs 9.90 USD for the delivery costs without any lockup FXT tokens. This card has a monthly fee of 4.90 USD and has a spending limit of 5,000 USD.

Setting Up FuzeX Account

Setting up the FuzeX account is very easy and straightforward.

1. The first thing you need to do is download the FuzeX wallet.

2. Once you have the FuzeX wallet downloaded and installed on your mobile device, the next thing to do is set up your FuzeX account. This process will involve creating your account on the FuzeX exchange, as well.

3. When your FuzeX account is done, then you can now order your FuzeX card and wait for it. Then you can use the card for any purchases in merchants, online or offline, that accept credit or debit cards for payments.

How Does FuzeX Work?

Once you have your FuzeX debit card, here’s how it works.

1. Choose the cryptocurrency you prefer the most for your debit card, then double-check the balance for your account, as well as the conversion rate to the fiat currency in real-time.

2. Use your FuzeX debit card like any of your other credit or debit cards. Give it to the seller where you pay for whatever you wish to buy, whether it’s a cryptocurrency or any other kinds of stuff. As long as the merchant accepts credit and debit cards as payments for purchases, they will use your card without causing any problem or inconvenience to you.

3. The card issuer will check if your account has enough funds using the built-in exchange, and once they’ve checked that your balance is sufficient to pay for your purchases, the payment will be transacted. In any other case, like insufficient funds, your payment will be rejected.

4. The merchant will then receive permission to pay for the purchases, then completes the payment process. Shortly after, you will receive the receipt or purchase summary for the transaction through your FuzeX wallet.

There is no easier way to describe how your FuzeX card will work than the same thing that any other debit or credit cards work.

FXT Holder Advantages and Benefits

FXT token holders will have a lot of advantages when it comes to the FuzeX ecosystem. Firstly, the FXT token can serve as a membership token, which can be used to purchase the FuzeX card. Those who have FXT token or have a FuzeX card will benefit from a lower annual membership fee, which can also be paid using the FXT.

The transaction limits will also be increased for the FuzeX card users and FXT token holders, but depending on the amount of FXT token they currently have. The limit will also depend on the card issuers because of the risks of real-time exchange rates from cryptocurrencies to fiat.

Also, for FuzeX card users, exchanging FXT tokens will also be faster and free of charge compared to other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, cardholders will also benefit from having special deals and a more competitive pricing structure that is specifically built for FXT token holders.


The FuzeX card allows users to access their cards and balances as well as spend their cryptocurrencies in a convenience and simple process similar to spending cash or using fiat-based debit or credit cards. What makes it even better than any other ordinary debit card is it’s a single e-card that can have access to 30 different cards, allowing users to choose whatever payment option they want.