Polispay Card Review

Crypto Debit Cards for Beginners: Polispay Card Review

When it comes to managing your finances, whether it’s traditional or digital assets, you want it safe and secure, and the Polispay card offers that and more.

With a lot of crypto debit cards available for you to choose right now, it can be a bit tricky to select what will best fit your needs. But, Polispay has been a favorite choice for a lot of cryptocurrency traders and investors.

Take a closer look at the Polispay card, its features, and specs.

Benefits and Transaction Fees

Card Type MasterCard/ Union Pay card
Card Options Yes
Fees $35 per year
Native Token POLIS
Availability World except for US and JP
Supported Fiat Currency USD, CHF, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, HKD, AED, DKK, NOK, JPY
Supported Crypto Currency BTC, ETH, DASH, and more
Perks & Extras Gift cards

What is Polispay Card and How Can You Get One?

After several months of suspension imposed by its project owners, the previous Polispay card, who has gained a good number of followers and users, has made a comeback. The issue which caused the cancellation of the crypto debit card was due to a misunderstanding with their previous card provider.

Previously, they issue MasterCard debit cards, and while the team has said they are continuing to get that original license, they are currently working on using Union Pay cards for their Polispay apps.

The new Polispay card will be prepaid Union Pay cards and not MasterCard anymore. Currently, the Polispay card is still on the closed beta process. If you are looking to get a Polispay card right now, you most probably won’t be able to get one. The Polispay team, however, has said to stay tuned to their social media accounts for any updates on the launching of their closed beta for the Polispay debit cards.

Currently, according to the team, they already have 500 new Polispay debit cards in place and available. And soon, they will start the process of accepting user sign-ups. If you want to take part in that closed beta for the Polispay app, you have to follow Polispay and wait for the updates.

Polispay Updates

There isn’t much information you can find in the Polispay website, especially about the details of the Polispay card, although they have published weekly updates about revamping their system.

Currently, Polispay is still working on publishing a brand new website, which is expected to features the latest rebranding they disclosed a couple of weeks ago. And while the website is now live, it’s still incomplete.

For the Polispay cards, based on the weekly updates from Polispay, they have already started with the integration process on the 500 cards that have arrived in their office. Although, they are still waiting on the Cacao license as well as the paperwork for the final documentation for establishing their company in Europe.

Polispay has also teased with the possibility of integrating three of the popular card providers in the industry to their Polispay app: MasterCard, Visa, and Union Pay.

The team is also working towards revamping their new Polispay platform, version 8.0, which they said will be more stable than it ever was before. The new platform will also feature a much faster and more fluid experience for all Polispay users. Plus, it would also allow users to save their digital assets in hardware wallets using their desktop computers as well as simple and convenient import and export of wallets, and more.

What Can You Do With a Polispay Card?

Polispay can be your new mobile wallet, which you can use to manage all your assets in one system, whether you have fiat savings or digital assets through the Polispay card. You can use this cryptocurrency debit card to fulfill any kind of financial transactions anytime and anywhere a credit or debit card is accepted.

1. Accept Payments Through Blockchain

You can use the Polispay card for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies for your savings or your business.

2. Store Your Digital Assets Securely

Cryptocurrencies are unregulated, which means you can’t store them in traditional banks. Fortunately, you can now store all your digital assets safely and securely through the Polispay card.

3. Spend Your Funds Anytime and Anywhere

The Polispay card works like any other credit or debit card issued by a bank. You can use it for paying your purchases online or in-store. You can also withdraw your cryptocurrencies into fiat money and spend it anywhere you want.

4. Use and Get Vouchers

The Polispay card comes with a corresponding application, which you can use to get or use vouchers for paying your favorite services.

5. Shift from Your Favorite Digital Currencies

With a Polispay card, you can store different kinds of digital currencies, which will also allow you to switch or shift from different cryptocurrencies, depending on what you prefer or need to fulfill your transactions.

Polispay Card Fees

The fees and costs for the Polispay debit card and for using the card depending on the mode of the transaction are the following:

1. Opening an account for Polispay is free, but the Polispay debit card comes with a yearly fee of USD 35, which will be paid through the POLIS token.

2. Polispay card fee for transactions that involve crypto to fiat currency conversion, or vise versa, is 3% of the charged amount, which will be paid in POLIS.

3. Withdrawal of funds at ATM machines using the Polispay card will involve a fixed USD 4.50 fee for every transaction.

4. POS payments using the Polispay card has a fixed USD 1.50 fee for every transaction.

5. Domestic ATM transactions using the Polispay card is USD 0.14 plus the ATM fee.

6. International ATM transactions using the Polispay card comes with a USD 14 fee plus the ATM fee.

Polispay Card Limits

Whether it’s loading the card or using your savings for purchases, here are the limits when using the Polispay card,

1. The maximum daily load or deposit for the Polispay is 0.15 BTC but may increase in the future.

2. The maximum monthly load or deposit for the Polispay card is USD 50,000.

3. Maximum loads or deposit for the Polispay card is 12 deposits per day.

4. The maximum spends amount when using the Polispay card for any transaction is USD 2,500 per day.

5. The maximum withdrawal of funds using an ATM machine is USD 500 per transaction.

6. The maximum withdrawal of funds using an ATM machine is USD 2,500 per day.

7. The maximum Polispay card balance is USD 50,000.


Although the Polispay card is currently unavailable for users, the news and updates from the Polispay team are extremely promising.