Ultimate Tenx Card Review

Ultimate Tenx Card Review

Tenx card by Tenx.tech is a new crypto card provider. The company launched in 2015 and aimed to provide crypto wallet and card services. By using the Tenx wallet and card, you can spend, send, receive, and hold Bitcoin and Ethereum in your account.

By using their debit card, you can easily buy products and services almost everywhere. The company boasts that users can utilize their card in more than 42 million places globally because it is a Visa type of card. With their services, you have the liberty to spend your crypto assets or withdraw them from ATM around the globe.

Aside from their primary services, Tenx provides real-time notifications for every transaction you make. Your card is also secure because Tenx gives you the liberty to lock or unlock your card whenever you wish.

Tenx Benefits and Transaction Fees

Perks and Extras n/a (Tenx offered rewards for Tenx and PAY token holders, according to their previous whitepaper.)
Fees Low
Card Options Physical and Virtual
Supported Fiat Currencies USD
Supported Crypto Currencies BTC, ETH, LTC
Card Type Visa
Native Token Tenx, PAY
Availability Over 200 countries

Account and Funding

You can say that Tenx is wobbly at this time because it is new to the industry. Several issues and complaints came up before when they were starting. However, Tenx was able to handle these issues and still on the business.

What makes Tenx stands out among the other crypto cards is its availability to almost 200 countries. Only a few crypto card providers offer this feature, and Tenx is one of them. While the other crypto card providers focus in developed countries, crypto card providers like Tenx give those people in developing countries the opportunity to enjoy the crypto card benefits.

Tenx provides an easy way to create an account and purchase their card as long as you reside in their supported country.

All that you have to do is download the Tenx wallet application. Next, create an account by signing up with your email. Select the country where you reside. Lastly, set up your2-factor authentication.

To register, you need proof of address and ID. It is essential because these are the necessary details that Tenx needs to issue and deliver the card to you. You also have to be at least 18 years old to avail of their services.

Even though Tenx is available in over 200 countries, this crypto card provider cannot issue its services to selected countries due to their stringent requirements and regulations. Examples of these countries are Afghanistan, China, the US, and the like.

To check if your country is available for their services, you need to verify our account and try to place your order for your card. A notification that their services are not yet available in your country will appear if you reside in a place that Tenx does not support.

On the other hand, if you happen to verify your account successfully, you can pair your wallet and card to maximize the services of Tenx. You can start topping up your account through BTC, ETH, and LTC. The company is looking forward to adding more currencies in the future.

Fees and Limits

Tenx can provide free delivery fees for cryptocurrency exchange due to the launce of Cryptographically-Secure Off-Chain Multi-Asset Instant Transaction (COMIT). This network is a third-party network, but the Tenx team was also the one that developed it.

With COMIT, Tenx can use the network of blockchains seamlessly, which results in free transactions. Therefore, you can say that Tenx is one of the crypto card providers offering the lowest amount of fees.

The only fees that you can expect to pay are the issuance fee of a physical card, which is 15 USD, and 1.5 USD for a virtual card. They also charge an ATM withdrawal fee of fixed 2.75 USD wherever you are.

Users who want to withdraw a larger amount might have a problem with the ATM fee. Some ATM only allows a small amount of withdrawal, which means that the user should do it several times to get their desired amount. Therefore, they should pay 2.75 USD each time they withdraw from an ATM.

Another advantage of the Tenx card is that you do not have to worry about the monthly fee, commissions, and the maximum deposit limit. It means that if you purchase a shirt for 200 USD, Tenx will only deduct 200 USD from your assets. You can also deposit as much as you want, even if you go for millions.

Tenx does not charge an annual fee unless your expense does not reach a minimum of 1000 USD. If that is the case, you should pay 10 USD fee.

Rewards and Incentives

According to the previous white paper outline, holding Tenx and PAY tokens can provide you some incentives. By holding Tenx tokens, the Tenx board of directors would determine your financial performance every quarter. If they think you were eligible for a reward, they will reward you with PAY tokens each quarter.

One can use PAY tokens to pay the fees that may arise by using the Tenx services.

However, Tenx has never implemented this whitepaper. In October 2018, Tenx decided to renew the rewards program.

Therefore, as of today, Tenx has no rewards program.


Because Tenx is new in the industry, a lot of issues arose. There were complaints about the shipment. Some users claimed the delay in the delivery of the card. The others were disappointed with the rewards program.

Some users bought Tenx tokens because they expected that they would receive some rewards.

Despite these issues, Tenx was trying to resolve them all.

Therefore, the Tenx debit cardis advisable for people who reside in countries with limited access to crypto cards. It is for those people who want to use their crypto assets the same way as they can use their fiat money. Tenx card provides the fastest and hassle-free way for people with limited access to crypto cards to use their crypto assets for their daily transactions.

Also, when it comes to the cost of transaction fees and availability, Tenx is competitive in these areas. Tenx can cater to the needs of several people because of its availability in over 200 countries. It is also one of the companies that offer only a few and cheap transactional fees.